community firmware

Using ROBOPro with the community firmware

You can use ROBOPro programs with the community firmware by launching the original Fischertechnik user interface on the TXT with the “FT-GUI” app. Briefly press the “** ON / OFF **” switch (one second or shorter) to get back to the main screen of the community firmware.

** Attention: ** Even if the original user interface is running, the Network settings remain the same as in the community firmware. To connect ROBOPro with the TXT, select “Other / manual” for the IP address and specify the IP address of the TXT in the text field in ROBOPro.

** Attention: ** In the CFW-GUI you have to start the “FT-GUI” -app to access the TXT with ROBOPro from the PC. Otherwise, the TXT can not accept a connection from the outside.

** Attention: ** After an update of RoboPro and/or the original firmware, RoboPRO binaries that were loaded with the CFW and are therefore located on the SD card no longer work and must be replaced manually.