community firmware


You need a few things to be able to build the Community-Firmware


  1. A Linux-System with at least 20 GB free hard disk space (as well as a fast CPU and a fast internet connection)

    (The following how-to is based on Ubuntu, but should work on other distributions as well).

  2. A microSD-card on which the ftcommunity-TXT-firmware can be installed. Any SD(HC) microSD-Card should work!

    (Cards with other technical specifications (eg. microSD-XC) have not been tested). To be safe it is recommended to use a microSD(HC)-Card with 32GB or less.

    As the ftcommunity-TXT-firmware itself only uses as little as 200MB of cardspace, even a 2GB-card is more than sufficient.

  3. A ssh-client to connect to the TXT:
    • on Windows PuTTY
    • on iOS eg. “Serverauditor” could be used
  4. A network connection to the TXT:
    • USB-based network connection: IP
    • WLAN connection: IP
      • WLAN might need to be switched on first: “Settings” -> “Network” -> WLAN Setup
      • in this mode, the TXT serves as an access point
      • the network SSID is the name of the TXT displayed on the main screen
      • the WPA-Key can be found in the menu “Settings” -> “Network” -> WLAN Setup
    • BT-based network connection IP
      • BT needs to be switched on first: “Settings” -> “Network”