community firmware

Fetch latest changes and make a new build

To fetch changes from the main git repository of ftcommunity-TXT, you have to update your local copy of the repository and then rebuilt the firmware package. (This will be a lot quicker than the initial build, as only the changes will be downloaded and only changed parts will be recompiled).

Updating the local clone of the git-repository

Change to the directory with the local copy of the repository, then download and integrate the changes:
cd ~/ftcommunity-TXT (or wherever else it might be located; this is the path if you followed this description from start.)
git pull

Re-building the ftcommunity-TXT-firmware

make fischertechnik_TXT_defconfig

*Note: If the system doesn’t work try running make clean
before continuing with
make fischertechnik_TXT_defconfig

Be aware that in this case the entire system will be rebuilt - which takes a while (for orientaion: ~4hrs on my 2nd generation Intel Core i5 mobile with 2.5 GHz using Ubuntu in a VirtualBox environment)

Transfering the build output to the SD-Card

Copy files from your computer

Remove the SD-Card from the TXT, place it in a SD card reader in your computer and replace the following three files with the latest version:

Update without removing the SD-Card

… without removing the card from the TXT by replacing the system while it’s running! (yup, that’s possible in this case…)

Important: Start up the TXT-community-firmware.

For this update path you need to set a root password first. See TXT password policy how to do that.

From a linux system (or with any other SSH-client), on the console with the working directory being the ftcommunity-TXT-repository (in the examples used here: ~/ftcommunity-TXT) and provided is the IP of your TXT:

ssh root@ mv /media/sdcard/root.img /media/sdcard/root.old
scp output/images/uImage output/images/am335x-kno_txt.dtb output/images/rootfs.img root@

Now, reboot the TXT. Be sure to shut it down by pressing the blue power button until “Shutting down…” is shown in the display. Release the button when you see the text, otherwise it will be turned off the hard way a few seconds later.